Emelisse beers

Get to know the Emelisse beer. Every bottle of our beer has been made with the best ingredients, care and attention to make sure every beer tastes amazing.

Emelisse Barrel Finished (serie)
Barrel Finished serie

“Barrel Finished”; A whooping series of beers! A one time recipe riped in barrels. These beers have been in whisky barrels for 5 to 6 weeks, so the beers have a subtle whisky taste but it gives this beer some extra dimension.

Emelisse White Label (serie)
Barrel Aged serie

“White Label”; a special series of beers! Brewed or aged in old whiskey barrels. This beer has an exceptional status. The White Label beers are aged in barrels for 1 year. The beer has been taken out of the barrels at the right time!

Emelisse Imperial Cerveza Bandiet
Imperial lager 8,5% ABV

With a Mexican-like beer in mind this collab came about. Enjoy the sun with this cloudy bandit!


Emelisse New England IPA

This wonderful summer special with 5.5% ABV is what we call liquid fruit juice.


Emelisse Blond IPA
India Pale Ale 6,8% ABV

A bitter beer with delicious fruity tones from American hops. A real thirst quencher!


Emelisse DIPA
Double India Pale Ale 7,9% ABV

The double amount of hops causes a real taste explosion! This IPA is recommended for true lovers.


Emelisse TIPA
Triple India Pale Ale 10,0% ABV

Where the IPA is well, the Double IPA is better, but for some it is not bitter enough.


Emelisse Smoked Rye IPA
Rye India Pale Ale 12,0% ABV

An IPA brewed with rye malt which gives it a full taste. We added smoked malt with large quantities.


Emelisse BIPA
India Pale Ale 8,0% ABV

An IPA with a twist due to the addition of dark malt at a certain point in the process. Pure hop!


Emelisse Barley Wine
Barley Wine 12,0% ABV

A taste sensation that does not know its equal. Everything is maxed out in this alcohol formula.


Emelisse Espresso Stout
Stout 9,5% ABV

Enjoy coffee? But also enjoy Stout? Now you do not have to choosse anymore!


Emelisse Imperial Russian Stout
Imperial Russian Stout 11,0% ABV

A roasted chocolate/coffee alcohol explosion for the beer drinker who already tasted the whole spectrum.


Emelisse Forest Fruit Stout
Stout 11,0% ABV

A liquid dessert with alcohol, that is the best description for this beer.