Emelisse beers

Get to know the Emelisse beer. Every bottle of our beer has been made with the best ingredients, care and attention to make sure every beer tastes amazing.

Emelisse White Labels 2020
Barrel Aged

The Emelisse White Label Series of 2020 are making their appearance after having been on barrels for at least one full year! This year we decided to combine five different Emelisse beers with five different barrels, so that we will release five (!) unique White Labels.

Emelisse Imperial Russian Stout Kilchoman BA (15th Anniversary)

Imperial Russian Stout 15% ABV

This limited edition has been brewed in honor of Emelisse’s 15th anniversary. Our brewmasters brewed an Imperial Russian Stout which has aged for exactly 15 weeks on Kilchoman whisky barrels. This exclusive brew is characterized by notes of walnut, coffee and chocolate. The barrel aging process gave this beer a wonderful peated touch, which ultimately results in an alcohol-warming aftertaste.

An alcohol percentage of 15%, brewed for 15 hours with 15 different malts. Barrel aged for exactly 15 weeks in barrels.


Emelisse Pink Sister Kettle Sour
Sour 5,5% ABV

The royal usage of forest fruits gave this beer a sweet-sour taste, excellent to conquer the sunny days.


Emelisse Yellow Brother Kettle Sour
Sour 5,5% ABV

A dryhopped Kettle Sour, the dryhopping process gave this beer the taste of grapefruit juice.


Emelisse Sour Dark Ale Port Barrel Fermented
Sour 9% ABV

The Emelisse Sour Dark Ale Port Barrel Fermented is the first Sour created by Emelisse. This Sour has fermented in Port Barrels for over 1,5 years. This process has transformed this Sour into a real gem. The delicious fruity tones of cherry and red berries create the sweet and sour taste, with a slight hand of chocolate in the aftertaste. Wonderfully dry and thirst quenching.


Emelisse Imperial Iced IPA
Eisbock 16% ABV

We are bringing some compensation to this low alcoholic world with our newest brew. The Emelisse Imperial Iced IPA with a whooping 16% ABV. Created with 10 different kinds of malts, 16 variations of hops and freeze distilled process makes this an epic IPA. Drink carefully and enjoy intensely.


Emelisse Decadence
Stout 10% ABV

Be surprised by the beautiful interplay of creamy nougat and roasted pecan in this impressive stout from Emelisse. When flavors become so rich, it is actually decadent…


Emelisse Liquorice Salty Bock
Bock 6,2% ABV

In order to make an Emelisse beer with a typical Dutch twist, Jens was thinking about the specialties of the Netherlands. Brewing beer? Mills? Clogs? Herring? No… Those specialties are not useful for brewing beers… What about salty liquorice? Yes! A beer with typical Dutch salty liquorice!


Emelisse White Labels 2019
Barrel Aged

This series consists of exclusive barrel aged beers with different hints of, for example, chocolate or coffee and flavors such as mocha, smoke and barbecue. These White Labels are barrel aged on rum, whisky and Tawny Port barrels. Brewed once and available in November 2019.

Emelisse Heavy Dirty Blonde
Natural Oak Barrel Aged 12,5% ABV

We all know that gentleman prefer blondes, but this is a different ball game. Easy on the eyes, but on the “heavy side” giving the 12,5% ABV. This original Blonde Beer is oak barrel aged for a very smooth finish and enlightens the slightly darker character, which makes it a true Dirty Blonde.


Emelisse Red Hot Tripel
Tripel 8,5% ABV

These original flavors create a very intriguing melting pot. The infusion between the Red Beet Root, spiced up with the homemade extract of freshly sliced Chili Pepper create a spicy yet satisfying drinking experience. Unorthodox, but very pleasing and tasteful.


Emelisse Session IPA
Session IPA 3,3% ABV

A thirst quencher of high quality. Low in alcohol, but a highly tasteful experience. Thanks to attractive hop quantities and beautiful malts that’ll make this Session IPA both refreshing and outspoken.


Emelisse Barrel Finished (series)
Barrel Finished series

“Barrel Finished”; A whooping series of beers! A one time recipe riped in barrels. These beers have been in whisky barrels for 5 to 6 weeks, so the beers have a subtle whisky taste but it gives this beer some extra dimension.

Emelisse White Labels 2018
Barrel Aged series

“White Label”; a special series of beers! Brewed or aged in old whiskey barrels. This beer has an exceptional status. The White Label beers are aged in barrels for 1 year. The beer has been taken out of the barrels at the right time!

Emelisse Blond IPA
India Pale Ale 5,8% ABV

A bitter beer with delicious fruity tones from American hops. A real thirst quencher!


Emelisse DIPA
Double India Pale Ale 7,9% ABV

The double amount of hops causes a real taste explosion! This IPA is recommended for true lovers.


Emelisse TIPA
Triple India Pale Ale 10,0% ABV

Where the IPA is well, the Double IPA is better, but for some it is not bitter enough.


Emelisse Smoked Rye IPA
Rye India Pale Ale 6,2% ABV

An IPA brewed with rye malt which gives it a full taste. We added smoked malt with large quantities.


Emelisse BIPA
India Pale Ale 8,0% ABV

An IPA with a twist due to the addition of dark malt at a certain point in the process. Pure hop!


Emelisse Barley Wine
Barley Wine 12,0% ABV

A taste sensation that does not know its equal. Everything is maxed out in this alcohol formula.


Emelisse Espresso Stout
Stout 9,5% ABV

Enjoy coffee? But also enjoy Stout? Now you do not have to choosse anymore!


Emelisse Imperial Russian Stout
Imperial Russian Stout 11,0% ABV

A roasted chocolate/coffee alcohol explosion for the beer drinker who already tasted the whole spectrum.


Emelisse Forest Fruit Stout
Stout 5,5% ABV

A liquid dessert with alcohol, that is the best description for this beer.